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LOT: 046

2 books from Algiers and Tunis, including a folded page.

1. “Vayomer Shaul,” chiddushim on the Torah through the Pardes. By Rabbi Shauel Namias, with the book “Beit Shaul” on the Prophets and Writings (missing the end of Beit Shaul). Tunis 1931, printed by Rabbi Yaakov bar Eliyahu Gag. At the beginning of the book is bound a folded page on Acheinu Beit Yisrael, concerning the compiler, written in Judaeo-Arabic and translated into English. 2. “Pri Etz Hadar,” the seder of Tu Bishvat, by the Gaon Harav Eliyahu Gag. Algier 1884. Printed by Rabbi Yaakov bar Eliyahu Gag (his son). Signature of ownership on the title page by Yosef Farienti (family of rabbis from Tunis). 2 cover pages, the first (dust jacket) on red paper. Original binding. Good condition. Different sizes.
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