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Letter from the Rogochover Rav – Rabbi Yosef Ruzhin, Av Beit Din of Devinsk.

Long letter on postcards. From 1933. Sent from Devinsk, dealing with shaving one’s beard according to halacha. Most of his halachic answers would take one line or two. So this is rare—this one takes two pages, around 42 lines! Rabbi Yosef Ruzhin (1858-1936) was born in Rogatchov, by whose name he was known. In his youth he studied from Rabbi Yosef Dov Ber Soloveitchik, author of the Beit HaLevi. For over forty years he served as a chassidic rabbi in the city of Dvinsk, alongside Rabbi Meir Simchah HaCohen, author of the Ohr Sameach. He was known for his tremendous genius and his unparalleled phenomenal memory. | Postcards, 15x10cm, generally very good condition.
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