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Book 'Yaffe Toar', Furda - the largest and most comprehensive assay on Midrash Rabbah, very rare.

Book "Yaffe Toar' on Midrash Rabbah book Bereshit, by Rabbi Shmuel Yaffe Ashkenazi, Fura, 32 cm. This book is a comprehensive commentary and most important to the Midrash, written by the Rabbi for 25 years, this interpretation won to be published in the Diaspora of Israel be founded on knowledge petition in all books of the Sages and honesty of reason, the greatest and members of all ages in the Diaspora in Israel often learned it and bring their books frequently and established their interpretation in the comments. Investigator Emanuel Tov writes that this book is probably the largest amount then every book printed from the invention of the printing press to the present, present copy is the third and final edition, and printed in this book than to date. Rare is this thick book this early period, so in good condition.Good condition, two goals, the first goal illustrated reliefs beautiful and attractive, few stains.
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