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05.09.2018 - Auction 20

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LOT: 100

Old mortar and pestle made of copper, from a Jewish doctor.

On the mortar is a relief of the words “Doctor Shalem Dacan.” These tools are traditionally used in preparing medicine. Their job is to crush ingredients into powders to assist in mixing and measuring them. They are symbols of ancient medicine. Good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 101

Stamped silver vase—England, 1920s.

On both sides are rings for carrying it in the mouths of lions. Stands on a wood base. Original English stamps (RMEH). Height: 25cm, width 10cm, diameter 10cm. Weight of the vase alone: 435g. Generally good condition.
Starting at $350
LOT: 102

Small bowl of “Dead Sea Stone”—19/20th century.

Made from bitumen (dead sea stone) with decorations of holy places: the Kotel, the Cave of Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb, and David’s Citadel. The cover of the bowl is decorated with grape clusters, with a handle in the center. In the margins is the inscription “Dead Sea Stone.” End of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century. Height: 6cm. Diameter: 14cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $450
LOT: 103

Mizrach Plaque—Europe, 18th century.

Metal work made through casting, in the center is a medallion with an engraving of the word Mizrach. There is relief work across the whole plaque, crowns and flowers. Given in a wooden frame with two birds on top. Probably Italy or France, 18th century. 49x52cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $1800 Starting at $1800
LOT: 104

Large platter for the Seder night, made of red copper. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

With the simanim of the seder plate, decorated with engraving and relief work. In the center is a Star of David with the inscription “Pesach.” Diameter 59cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $500
LOT: 105

Tanach with stamped silver binding—Israel, 1950s.

Published by Sinai Tel Aviv, given in silver binding decorated with burning and cutting work of the Ten Commandments, a keter torah, and symbols of the 12 tribes. Inlaid with gemstones and additional motifs. On the spine is a relief of the abbreviation “Tanach.” The binding closes with a thick clasp made of silver. 14x10x5cm. Light knocks. Generally good condition.
Starting at $500
LOT: 106

Stamped silver washing cup—England, 20th century.

Casting, cutting, engraving, and welding work. Decorated in an archaeological style, which is reminiscent of a washing basin or fountain. Base is designed like an ancient mirror. On the sides is a pair of handles also designed delicately. The inside is plated in gold. England, with many English stamps (RMEH). 20th century. Height: 18cm, diameter 13cm. Weight: 616g. Generally good condition.
Starting at $700
LOT: 107

Stamped silver washing cup for a synagogue—England, 1920.

For the kohanim to wash their hands prior to going up to the duchan to give the priestly blessing. Designed in an archaeological style which is reminiscent of the holy basin. Engraving of the words “Beit HaLevi Barchu Et Hashem” and an illustration of the pouring of water into a bowl. On the sides are a pair of handles decorated like Roman bows. The cup stands on a wide base that also appears in an ancient style. Height 16cm, diameter 12cm, weight 311g. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $550
LOT: 108

Kli for doing Mayim Achronim, including a stamped silver base.

Hammer and welding work of grapevines and plants. Stamped Sterling 925. Total height 10cm. Diameter of the little bowl: 11cm. Diameter of the cup: 6cm. Total weight 140g. Light defects, generally good condition.
Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
LOT: 109

Box for a bride and groom, silver 12—France, beginning of the 19th century.

Old box given to a bride and groom. Stamp of the French company “Fourneur” on the back. The designer was the sculptor Aryeh Ravotz. Names of the bride (Chaya Sarah) and the Groom (Alter Shmuel). Around the box are various decorations. The box has a locking mechanism (no key). Stands on four legs. 445g. 15x10cm. Good condition.
Starting at $1800
LOT: 110

Silver etrog box in the shape of a duck. 19th century, rare!

Upper portion has the head of a duck decorated with hammer work in the center. The box opens and closes in the center. The ducks legs are made with welding work, and on the back is the stamp of the artist. Length 22cm, height 18cm. Width 13cm. Weight: 840g. Rare and unique item, generally good condition.
Starting at $1500
LOT: 111

Etrog case made of stamped silver—Europe.

Stamped silver 750. Decorated with relief work, hammering and enamel of plants, belts, circles, and a button. The cover of the box opens and closes on a hinge, and on the cover is a relief of the verse “and you take for yourselves a fruit of the citron tree.” In the center is a handle for opening, in the shape of two plants intertwined. The box stands on four legs with relief work of plants and flowers. Height 16cm, length 15cm, width 13cm. Weight 240g. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $400 Starting at $400
LOT: 112

Etrog box made of carved wood in the shape of a pumpkin.

Made from two pieces of wood, the body of the box is the lower portion of the pumpkin and stands on a base in the shape of a leaf. The cover is the upper portion of the pumpkin and the stem. In the center of the cover is a relief of the verse “and you take for yourselves a fruit of the citron tree.” Generally good condition.
Starting at $400
LOT: 113

Silver samovar, Russia, stamped, 1857.

Large, handsome samovar made of stamped silver (number of places, 18). The samovar is the traditional Russian implement for boiling water. Height 37cm, .diameter 19cm. Weight 2.845 g Generally very good condition. It was common to have a samovar with a compartment for heating inside, where one would place coals, and a faucet. For preparing tea and other hot drinks. From there it came to Israel.
Starting at $4500
LOT: 114

Lot of 7 stamped silver children’s toys, miniature transportation items.

Carriage attached to a horse, train locomotive and five cars, a vehicle with an open roof, a bike with rubber wheels, a sailboat, helicopter, and a weaving machine, total of 7 items. Total weight 280g.
Starting at $500
LOT: 115

Lot of 12 miniature children’s toys, stamped silver.

Chair, table, urn, samovar (defective leg), well and bucket, slide, juicer, pumpkin, windmill, card holder in the shape of a flower, candlesticks, trumpet. Total weight 212g.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
LOT: 116

Large yad for a sefer torah, stamped silver. England 1921.

Hammering, welding, and engraving work. Made by the artist J.S., known for his wonderful Judaica. Stamped with the letter F for the location and year of creation (London, 1921). Especially large yad. Designed as a kind of royal staff, with three balls at the top, middle, and bottom. The body of the yad evolves from a square design at the beginning to a rounded shape. At the end is a finger where one points out the place one is reading. | Height: 29cm. Weight: 125g. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $200 Starting at $200
LOT: 117

Lot of two Jewish knives.

1. Stainless steel blade, with a relief of the blessing over bread and a map of Israel on the other side. “Best Israel Stainless.” 2. Silver handle, the blade is made of steel, with an unidentified stamp. Handle has a relief of the city of Jerusalem, and the word Jerusalem in Hebrew and English. Different sizes and conditions, generally good.
Starting at $100
LOT: 118

Low-quality silver noisemaker. 1960s.

Welding, cutting, and screw work, interspersed with gemstones. Height 15cm, length 17cm. Weight 145g.
Starting at $100
LOT: 119

Large mezuzah housing made of copper, handmade. Europe, 19th century.

Decorated with delicate cutting and engraving work. Keter torah, pair of doves, and a pair of lions on a background of plants and flowers. Upper portion has a window with the abbreviation Shadai on the back. In the housing is a parchment mezuzah, not checked for kashrut! Generally good condition. 18x8cm.
Item sold at $950 Starting at $300
LOT: 120

Lot, 4 silver mezuzah cases – Israel, 20th century.

Stamped silver 925. Among them is one Betzalel Jerusalem. Different styles and sizes. Total weight: 53g. Generally very good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 121

Pair of lamps for a synagogue. Europe, 18th century. Rare

Matching, made of cast brass, with three branches that each have a small bowl at the end and a candleholder. There is a ring at the top of each lamp. Each branch can be removed. Can be hung individually on the wall, or together as a single fixture. Length of each: 36cm. Width: 22cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $375 Starting at $350
LOT: 122

Yizkor menorah, silver, North Africa, beginning of the 20th century.

Ner Tamid, for the light opposite the Aron Kodesh in a synagogue. Handmade + some machine work, hammering, cutting, and welding. 4 handles connected to chanins, in the center is a connection to a cover and a glass bowl in blue for putting oil. 1910 dedication. Diameter 12cm, total length 40cm. Net weight silver, 500g.
Starting at $500
LOT: 123

Four-branched lamp for a synagogue—special design, 19th century.

Rare and unique shape. Handle for carrying it in the shape of a long staff, so that one can carry it while candles are lit. The housing has a cover that opens. Museum-worthy item. Height 51cm, diameter 13cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $180
LOT: 124

Channukiyah made of filigree work, stamped silver. 1950s approximately.

Channukiyah that sits on three bases in the shape of a round structure. Center is the shape of a flower. 8 branches. Shamash at the top made with filigree work and welding. Locatoin and time of design is unknown. Height 11cm, length 14cm, width 7cm. Weight: 162g. Stamped 925.
Starting at $200