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LOT: 003

. Rare: Brit Olam—Ein HaDa’at, a work against the Maskilim, by Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlesinger—First edition, Jerusalem 1889?

Brit Olam – Ein HaDa’at [Hashgacha Pratiot], Articles 1-6, a work against the Maskilim structured as an argument between a chacham and a researcher, by Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlesinger. According to Shoshana HaLevi it was printed in Jerusalem by the brothers Shlomo Zalman and Yitzhak Nachum Levi in 1889. 20 pages. Sifrei Yerushalayim HaRishonim 644. First edition of this rare pamphlet. No binding, light defects, generally good condition. Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlesinger (1837-1922) was among the first activists for building up the Land of Israel, was a student of the Ktav Sofer, the Maharam Shik, and the Machaneh Chayim. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein of Kolomiya (the Maskil el Dal and a student of the Chatam Sofer, who also taught Rabbi Yehiel Schlesinger, Rabbi Akiva’s father.
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