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LOT: 002

. Rare: 6 pages from an incunabulum printing of the work Kol Bo—first edition, Italy (Napoli?), 1490(?)

Six pages from the work Kol Bo (which is 180 pages total). Printed in Italy, some of the notes inside mention Napoli (Naples), 1490(?). Tape in the margins damages the text, tears and stains, generally ok to bad condition. Incunabula: a Latin term derived from the word for ‘cradle’ (referencing the early development of something). In printing, the term is used metaphorically to refer to the earliest stages of printing, generally to book printed in the 15th century (1445-1500). The accepted estimate is that around 35,000 books were printed during this period, of which are around 200 Hebrew books. Rashi’s commentary on the Torah is the first book with the name of its printing location (Italy) and the year (1475) mentioned overtly. Incunabula are rare books, imbued with much cultural value, and they are highly valuable.
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