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. Levush HaTekhelet and Levush HaChur—Prague 1701. Copy of rabbis from the Babad family

Levush HaTekehelet, the first work by the Levush (HaChur is the second), authored by Mordechai Yoffe ben Binyamin Woolf Shapria…” An early edition. Two parts in one volume, 331 pages. Partially missing copy: originall [2], 108, [2], 109-336 [supposed to be 326]). Missing a number of pages at the beginning, and according to the bibliographic record also the cover of the second section. A number of pages from Levush HaChur were misbound in the first section. The first three and last pages have moth damage, a bit of moth holes, many stains, cover and two first pages are repaired and block the text, light tears, old binding in good condition, generally ok condition. Front blank page has important stamps: “Avraham Moshe Babad, Gora-Moro Bukovina”. Different stamp appears with identical content, as well as additional stamps of his on the cover, and the inscription: “I bought from Yehoshua…[?] Anshil Ov-[cut off by the edge of the page].” Additional note couldn’t be deciphered. Note handwritten inside the book, and there is a stamp in a number of places in Latin letters: “Mendel Babad Rabbiner.” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Babad, rabbi of Gora-Homoroloy (Bukovina). A descendent of Rabbi Yosef Babad, the Minchas Chinuch, appointed over Chassidei Chortkov, known as a great talmid chacham who was in regular correspondence with greats of his generation. Died in 1930. His son and successor, Rabbi Avraham Moshe Babad (1900-1980) was rabbi and chassidic rosh yeshiva in Bukovina and Israel, a student of the Gaon Rabbi Meir Arik of Tornov. He inherited his father’s position, and after WWII tried to immigrate to Israel but was sent to Cyprus in 1948 by the British, where he served as rabbi of the detention camp. After making it to Israel he was in constant contact with the Chazon Ish. Around 1952 he was appointed for a time as the Rosh Yeshiva of Yechel Yisrael of the Seret-Vizhnitz Chassidic community, led by his son-in-law Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager.
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