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LOT: 221

. Court judgement (psak) of the Eida Charedit Jerusalem, signed by important dayanim, stamp of the beit din. 1969.

Official letterhead of the Beit Din Tzedek of the Ashkenazi communities of the Edia Charedit of Jerusalem, typewritten, from Kislev 1968. A summary psak with a few lines, with signatures of important dayanim at the end: “Pinchas ben HaGri Epstein Ra’avad”, “Yisrael Yitzhak HaLevi Reisman”, “David HaLevi Jungreiz”, and the official stamp of the beit din. Size: 22x28cm. Few small holes, light stains, signs of folding, generally good condition. The Ra’avad Rabbi Pinchas Epstein (died 1970) served as dayan in the beit din during the reigns of Rabbi Yosef Haim Zonenfeld and Rabbi Yitzhak Yerucham Diskin. He studied at the Torat Haim yeshiva. In 1948 he was chosen to be Ra’avad after Rav Zelig Reuven Bengis transferred to serve as Ga’avad. He authored the work Oriyan Talita’i. Rabbi Yisrael Yitzhak HaLevi Reisman (1889-1969) was a Hasidic, Jerusalemite dayan and teacher, Ra’avad of the Chassidic communities in Jerusalem. He was a member of the Eida Charedit’s very dominant second Beit Din, from 1948-1969. Studied under the Torat Chesed of Lublin and more, and studied Kabbalah under Rabbi Haim Shaul Davik HaKohen. Rabbi David HaLevi Jungreiz (1898-1972) was Ra’avad of the Charedi Eida between 1968-1972. In 1931 he was appointed by Rabbi Yosef Haim Zonenfeld as a dayan at the Badatz Eida Charedit. And in the years after the death of Rabbi Pinchas Epstein, he replaced him as Ra’avad. As a dayan he became well-known for his great caution in avoiding corruption—he refused to oversee a case related to someone who had done something for him in the past, either for good or for ill.
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