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LOT: 024

Tanach, all in Yiddish, Amsterdam 1679, very rare.

Tanach in Ashkenazi language from Noam Siakh,” based on the Holy Tongue, copied and according to exegeses in Tzena and Reina lettering. At the start of the book is a general title page with vibrant copper etchings, the figures of Moshe and Aaron, Sinai, and more. With five separate title pages for each section of the Tanach, Torah, Megillot, First Prophets, Later Prophets, Writings. Title pages are all with architectural frames, pretty. Certificates from gaonim of the four regions of Poland and the rabbis of Amsterdam. (3) 257, 18 page. 31cm. Thick tome. Generally good condition, defects and damage on the first pages, signs of wear.
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