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LOT: 009

Last Prophets, with translation and commentaries. Basel 16199

Includes the commentaries and translations of Rashi, Radak, and ibn Ezra. [1] 442-595, 511-520 [bound accidentally at the end and not in their proper place], 596-705 pages. 41cm. Wooden binding with an old leather overlay, with inscriptions of nice decorations, without clasps for closing. Moth holes and various defects. Inside the book are moth holes, stains, defects in the margins of some pages (pages 511-520 have damage to text), generally ok to good condition. Cover page has listing of ownership: “Ayelet Ohavim given to me as as gift by Noam Aharon ben Shmuel Shalit.” “Mink[?] bat Rav Simcha Shalit.” And “Shmuel bar Moshe Shmuel z”l”
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