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LOT: 008

Talmud Yerushalmi, Seder Zra’im. Kobetz Masechtot. Jerusalem. 1908-1916.

New publication, proofread and sophisticated by the first printer of Venice, 1522. Manuscripts and ancient printings. With commentary, notes, and comments. By Avraham Moshe Lunz. Volumes 1-2. The various sections of this publication were presented in 6 booklets. At the front of Volume 1 are two general cover pages. At the head of Volume 2 is one general cover page. There is also a special title page for each Masechet. On the covers are the various years of printings. On the first is Masechet Brachot, Jerusalem 1909. On the second 1908. MasechtotPe’ah and Dmai. Jerusalem 1911. Masechtot Dmai and Kle’im. Jersualem 1914. Good condition, nice copy.
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