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LOT: 049

Talmud Yerushalmi, second edition. Krakow 1609.

Second edition of the Jerusalem Talmud, four sections in one volume. At the beginning of Zra’im is a general cover, and each of the last sections has a separate cover page. Two columns per page, and next to them are commentaries edited by Rabbi David bar Menashe of Krakow, known as Rabbi David Darshan. Printed by Yitzhak Prostitz, Krakow. On the cover page is an ancient listing of ownership: “Yehuda Livi bar Elazar HaKohen Shalit, a man of Millhausen.” Hundreds of glosses in the local tongue. Colorful page cuttings. New, handsome leather binding. Stains, a number of pages are professionally restored. 65; 83; 66; 51 pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
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