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LOT: 036

Lot of 2 rare books from Mitz printings, 18th century

1. Masechet Brachot from the Talmud Bavli, special format. With commentaries of the Rosh, Rambam, and Maharsha. At the end is Rav Elfas and Nos’ei Keilav. This edition was printed in a small format, and in order to make it easier to learn, each page from the original is spread over two pages here. Much work and repaging of the Talmud was necessary. The tops of the pages have doubled numbering (the original and this edition’s). Special cover for Rav Elfas. 1770. No binding. A number of pages are different sizes. 177, 37, 134 [supposed to be 135], [1] pages. 21cm. Generally good condition. 2. Shot Kiryat Channah, 45 questions on halacha for Rabbi Gershon Koblenz, 1785. Only edition, rare. [1], 2-57, 59, [3] pages. 20cm. Good condition. New binding, thick pages. Stains. Old signatures of ownership, not checked.
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