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Chalitza File of a Widow of a Soldier Killed in the Yom Kippur War – A Shocking Document

A file which contains hundreds of documents regarding one of the most complex cases. One of the casualties of the Yom Kippur War who died childless, and according to Jewish law his wife required chalitza from his brother. The problem was that the brother lived in Germany and was married to a non-Jew and blamed the wife for causing his brothers death by not agreeing to leave Israel and move to Germany. The file follows the attempts made over two years of the young widow trying to continue her life and release herself from the shackles of being an agunah. It contains minutes of the discussions in the Rabbinical Court, the decisions of the Dayanim, investigations carried out in Israel and Germany, the hostile letters of the brother from Germany ["you are a murderer", "may you and your entire family be cursed", "you won't escape from me", "don't bring about a situation where I will come to you unless you want your fate to be sealed" and other such gems]. The prosecutor's clever trick, to release her without the brother performing chalitza. The file also contains evidence of the happy end – a signed marriage certificate to her new husband, a marriage which was conducted secretly. The case was heard in the highest-ranking court and the rulings bear the signatures of the two chief rabbis: Shapiro and Goren. | Sizes and conditions vary. Overall condition: Good.
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