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Sfatei Chachamim on Rashi’s commentary of the Torah and Five Megillot—first edition, Frankfurt 1712. Nice copy.

A comprehensive commentary on Rashi's words about the Torah, and is a key to understanding his words, which are sometimes cloaked and opaque. The author Rabbi Shabtai Meshorer Bass (1641-1708) was born in Kalish in Poland, moved to Prague where he received the nicknames "Meshorer - poet" and "Bass", having served as cantor in one of the city's synagogues. He collected from earlier commentaries, primarily the Maharam, and also added to them. In this work he discusses and sharpens his words, and explains many difficulties. The work was accepted throughout the Jewish world, and at present there is no Chumash in which it is not printed next to the Rashi, or at least “ikar” sfatei chachamim. [1] 143 page [numbered wrongly, listed 133]. Very minor blemishes, mainly at the edges. Good condition. Good copy. Ownership note: "Gershon Blum [?] From Vormash." A relatively new cover with minor flaws.
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