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Shmirat HaLashon, first edition and more important first editions from books of the Chafetz Haim printed during his lifetime

1. Shmirat HaLashon by Rabbi Israel Meir Cohen. In this edition, which is the first of the revolutionary book, the author did not sign his name and he only notes the acronym in Cyrillic letters on the margins of the cover. And in his humility omitted his name also from the endorsements - first edition, Yehuda Leib Vilna 1876. 38 pages. Minor flaws are restored on the title page, the first pages have minor tears at the bottom of the pages, in one place with very minor damage to the text. Ownership Record: Israel Asher Moshe Shapira son-in-law Rabbi Mordechai Gad M. in Mea Shearim 2. Chafetz Haim, still without the name of Rabbi Israel Meir HaCohen, but only in Cyrillic letters on the title page - Warsaw | 1891 [78 pages. Various stains. 3. Nidchei Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaCohen of Radin's Book on the Principles of Religion - First Edition Warsaw | 1893. [1], 65 page. Slight blemishes and stains. 4. The Purity of Israel, On the Laws of Purity and tevilah, in Hebrew and Yiddish - First Edition Pietrekov, 1904. 23 Page. Bound with Sefer Torah Or by Rabbi Israel Meir HaCohen on the Importance of Study of "Kedoshim" – partially missing copy of the First Edition Warsaw 1900. 2-15 pages. Missing cover and last page. Slight blemishes and stains. 5. Shem Olam, second section. Rabbi Yisrael Meir Cohen's Ethics. First Edition Warsaw 1897. 23 (marked 43 accidentally), [1], page. Flaws and minor stains. Signature [cut] from the High Court Rabbi Avraham Noah Pali - overseer of the Hebron Slabodka Yeshiva 6. Likkutei Halachot, on masechtot Zevachim and menachot, printed by Levin Epstein, Warsaw 1909. 3, 3, 2-74, 53 pages. pages. Flaws and minor stains. All books have been re-bound in matching covers, with gold imprints on cover and spine. Good overall condition, except where noted for each book above.
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