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LOT: 223

Shot Maharshadam, first edition—Salonika 1595. Copy of the kabbalist Rabbi Yisrael Binyamin Basan, Av Beit Din of Reggio and student of the Ramchal, with his signature. With glosses.

Choshen Mishpat section, by Rabbeinu Shmuel di Medina. First edition, printed by Avraham Yosef MiGezah bat Sheva. Page 1(1) has a signature of Rabbi Yisrael Binyamin Basan ben Yeshaya Basan,” with an additional signature in his handwriting. Cover of the book has two signatures. Glosses handwritten. Inside is a page of chiddushim in Italian handwriting. Rabbi Yisrael Binyamin Basan (1701-1790), one of the foremost Jewish-Italian poets of his time and rabbi of Reggio Emilia. Born to his father Rabbi Yeshayahu Bassan, who was the Ramchal's rabbi in the Padua Yeshiva and stood by him during the polemic against him. In honor of Rabbi Yisrael Binyamin's wedding, the Ramchal wrote a poem which was published in "Migdal Oz, or Tamut Yesharim" [Königsberg, 1860]. Quality paper with wide margins. Cover page and last pages underwent professional restoration. New leather binding, pretty. | 320, 4-24, [1] pages. 30cm. Generally good condition.
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