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Shut Haradbaz – Sudlykow, 1836

Shu”t HaRadbaz, two volumes with all five sections. Sudlykow, 1836. With his answers to the words of the Rambam and the indexes, a separate title page for each part. Part of it printed on blueish leaves, ownership signature and stamp in Latin script, which appears in each of the five volumes. The title page of the first part is in red ink, an interesting ownership signature in each volume: “19th Elul 1902 Yosef Eisenbach,” see below. Volume one: [1], 5 leaves. 86 leaves. [1]. 67 66 leaves. Volume two: [4], 53 leaves. [1], 40 leaves. A few worming holes, restorations on a few leaves, ancient binding with a decoration in the center, red spine in good condition. Good overall condition. Rabbi David son of Zimra – the Ridbaz (1479-1575), rabbi of the city of Safed, rabbi of the Ari and of Rabbi Bezalel Ashkenazi author of the Shita Mekubetzet. Rabbi Yosef Eisenbach – this appears to be the father of Rabbi Yechiel Fischel Eisenbach rosh yeshiva of the Ashkenazi-chassidic kabbalistic yeshiva ‘Sha’ar Hashamayim.’ He was a scribe and one of the disciples of Rabbi Zev Twersky of Rachmastrivka.
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