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LOT: 008

. Shulchan Aruch, printed during the author’s lifetime with handwritten notes—Venice 1574, a miniature volume with the original leather binding

“Shulchan Aruch, in a small volume for their sake to keep next to their heart and make notes in it whenever and wherever they stop or travel. A work by Rabbi Yosef Caro ... printed with great care with the addition of an exegesis on the words.” Yoreh De’ah, third edition, printed during the author’s lifetime. Miniature volume [14cm], original leather binding, with the remains of clasps. 279, [1] pages. Moth holes and various defects to the binding, listings of ownership and glosses handwritten in an old handwriting in a number of spots, not checked thoroughly. Moth damage, stains, and tears, a number of places have light damage to text. Generally ok to good condition.
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