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LOT: 126

Shulchan Aruch with ShatileiZeitim—Jerusalem 1895. Glosses.

By Maran Rabbi Yosef Karo with the commentary ShatileiZeitim by Rabbi David Mashraki, a sage of Yemen. With many glosses. Some of the pages have been completed by hand in nice handwriting. This book was spread widely among the Jews of Yemen. RavMashraki was the first Yemenite sage to write unequivocally that the Shulchan Aruch should be used for psak even against the Rambam. According to him, the practice amongst Yemenite Jewry of ruling according to the Rambam was because of a lack of books; he wished to equate Yemenite psikat halacha to that of the rest of Mizrahi Jewry, who overruled the Rambam with the Shulchan Aruch. HaZvi printing, Jerusalem 1895. Signatures of ownership, stains, moth holes, no binding. | [6], 97, 190, [1], 156, [1] page. 25cm. Generally ok to good condition.
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