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Shulchan AruchOrechHayyim with Be’erHaGola and Be’erHeitev. Amsterdam 1742.

First edition printed together with Be’erHeitev of the dayanRav Yehuda Ashkenazi of Tiktin, which is an expansion and supplement to the commentary with the same name written by Rabbi Yeshaya bar Avraham, first printed in 1742 in Amsterdam, which had been attached to editions of the Shulchan Aruch (when printed in Amsterdam) in 1753 and 1760. Because of this commentary’s acceptance, the original book by Rabbi Yeshaya has been removed from most more modern editions. This copy has the original binding with iron clasps for closing (one missing). Printer: Naftali Hertz Levi Rofeh, and his son-in-law Kasman. [5], 320 pages. 19cm. Generally good condition.
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