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LOT: 046

Sefer Mishneh Torah of the Rambam. Incunabulum, printed by Soncino, 1490—many glosses in an ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from the time of the book’s printing.

Partially missing copy. Most of Sefer Zmanim, a large part of Sefer Nashim and Kedusha, and a number of pages from science and the Book of Love (Sefer Ahava). The glosses are long and in ancient Ashkenazi handwriting from the period. Some of the glosses are “Maimonite” glosses with additions and changes from the printed, and some have the inscription “from the mouth of Rabbi Shalit” and some “Ramach.” As is known, “Maimonite” glosses are additions to the Rambam written by Ashkenazi sages from the Maharam’s beit midrash in Rottenburg, collections and additions according to Rashi and Tosafot HaMaharam of Rottenburg and other Ashkenazi sages of his generation. The Maimonite glosses were authored and established by the Ramach (Rabbi Meir HaKohen), a direct student of the Maharam of Rottenburg, first printed in the Rambam edition printed in Kushta in 1509. In another edition of the Rambam from 1524, Maimonite glosses were printed in a completely different phrasing from the Kushta edition, and this phrasing was printing in all subsequent editions of the Rambam’s books until today. The glosses in the manuscript before us are more identical to the Maimonite glosses printed in Venice, but some have many changes and some are not found at all in the printed edition. It is possible that these glosses were copied from an earlier manuscript since in a number of places the Maharam of Rottenburg is called “Mori Shichi” or “Mori Shalit”, which is different from the later printed editions and manuscripts. In the manuscript before us there are additional notes and glosses in Yemenite handwriting from the 17th century. Around 91 pages (original had 380), with an additional page inserted in Yemenite handwriting. Around 30-32 -pages. The pages are in varying condition, with stains, wear, light moth damage. Some of the glosses have smudged and are cut with missing bits and wear. Ok condition.
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