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LOT: 078

First edition of the book Kol Simcha by Rabbi Simcha Bonem of Peshischa—Breslev 1859—rare book, complete and in good condition!

Chiddushim on the Torah, collections and chiddushim on the Shas, by the Admor Rabbi Simcha Bonem. (1) 58, 28 (1) pages (Stefanski Chassidut 520). Brought to the printing press by the grandsons of the Rav, printed by Hirsch Zulzbach, like in Amsterdam (Amsterdam letters). After the cover is an endorsement by the Admor Rav Yitzhak Meir Alter of Gur, the Chiddushei HaRim, and Rabbi Yeshaya Moshkat of Prague (son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzhak of Radvil, son of the Maggid of Zlatchov and the writer of the Roshi BaShamayim and Atzi BaShamayim). A rare copy given its condition and completeness! Signatures of ownership from the period of printing: “Getzil bar Shlomo HaLevi Raze” and “Meir Ehrlich of Prague Targove Warsaw.” With original binding, small wear, spine partially disconnected. Very light moth damage, typical stains. Rare book of chassidut in perfect, rare condition.
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