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LOT: 145

Rare and unique! Copy of Rabbi Yitzhak of Radovil—Pirkeid’Rabbi Eliezer—Prague 1784.

32, 1 page. Tape on title page, tears mainly on edges of pages, worn cover, general condition, fair, good, various handwritten glosses in several places, handwritten inscription on title page: "Belongs to someone who belongs to the person who gave the money of the famous Rabbi, the Governor, and the Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Hatan, the great RavHaMaorHaGad, Av Beit Din of Dalyna" - Rabbi Yitzchak of Radvil, son of the Maggid of Zlatechov and son-in-law of Rabbi Moshe ShohamMedulina - one of the greatest disciples of the Baal Shem Tov. Rabbi Yitzchak [Jungerliev] of Radvil "Or Yitzhak" (son of Rabbi Yechiel Michal Maggid of Zlaczow), and the father of the Radvil dynasty, to which many of the great Hassidic leaders refer to the present day. Throughout his life he wandered from one place to another. It is said [in the name of Rabbi MotlSlonimer] that his father said that his five holy sons were against the five books of the Torah, and Rabbi Isaac is against the Book of Shemot, wherein the exile of Egypt is mentioned. Like in Exodus, so too will the Torah be given to him. His place in Radovil was filled by his son, Rabbi Dan, his son-in-law, Rabbi Yishai Mushkat, Av Beit Din of Praga [Warsaw suburb of Poland], author of EtzeiBesamim and RoshiBesamim. In his first marriage, Rabbi Yitzchak of Radvil married the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Shoham of Dolina, from whom his children were born. Rabbi Moshe of Dolina (one of the greatest disciples of the Baal Shem Tov) was a young man who, after his father, Rabbi Dan of Brod, was a boy. He was blessed with the shadow of the Baal Shem Tov. And his father took him with him to his rabbi, who also brought in his writings Torahs and commentaries which he was able to hear from him: After the death of the Baal Shem Tov he was surrounded by his Maggid's Magistrate from Latachov. The words of his Torah were printed by his son Rabbi Shmuel in the books "Divrei Moshe" and "ImreiShoham." It was written: "It is a great mitzva that this book should be in the house of Israel because it is a great guard in the house because it is the Talmud of the Baal Shem Tov" In the Kabbalah, "the fruit of the tree of life" was burned on the book of Etz Chaim. Other ownership inscriptions: - "Zvi Hirsch Rapaport of Lvov" - Rabbi Zvi Hirsch HaCohen Rapaport [in his book: The Writings of the City of Lvov, the capital, from the inhabitants of the greater city of Dubno] (died 1865), son of Naftali Hirtz of Lvov, author of "Ezrat Kohanim" and "TosafotHaHahel" on Safra [printed for the first time in Vilna] 1825 - "Yosef PinchasKrangil in Krakow" - Rabbi Yosef PinchasKrangil of Krakow Son of Rabbi Moshe of Krakow and son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Hacohen Rosenzweig. One of the greatest followers of the TiferetShlomo of Radomsk. Gvir of the Krakow sages. His son Rabbi Menachem Mendel Krangil author of "Sha'areiGeulah" on the Haggadah of Pesach. - "Shlomo Blumenfeld"
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