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Sefer Parshat Derachim by the writer of the Mishnah LaMelech—Zolkva 1772, with an important dedication by the Av Beit Din of Komran.

Parshat Derachim, 26 droshim by the Gaon Rabbi Yehuda Rosanis, the author of the Mishnah LaMelech on the Rambam. [3], 81 leaves. Old binding is worn (leather spine), stains, tape on the title page covers the right upper edge and a little of the introduction. Overall good condition. The blank first page bears a dedication handwritten by Rabbi Pinchas Leib Friedan, Av Beit Din of Komran. Note: “Lieber Freund” (dear friend). Additional notes in Yiddish, stamp on title page: “Moshe Yaakov Ungar.” Rabbi Pinchas Leib Friedan (the Divrei Pnei Aryeh, who lived 1802-1873) was the son of Rabbi Moshe Leipnik. He was a student of Rabbi Woolf Boskowitz (the Seder Mishnah). He served first as a dayan in Bonihod. In 1837 he was appointed to be rabbi of Komran (Komrarom) in place of Rabbi Avraham Freistadt, a job he served in for 42 years. His sons were Rabbi Mordechai Eleizer of Ada, and Rabbi Moshe of Hamburg.
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