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LOT: 277

Miniature aron kodesh, made of wood. The face of the doors is wood carved by hand in the shape of flowers. On the roof and doors are plaques with pretty ornaments of lions, crowns, and the Tablets—gilded silver. Stands on four stable legs made of metal. On both sides are handles for carrying. Inside an old, faded purple velvet curtain hangs, with an embroidered inscription: “v’asita kaporet zahav tahor” and “keter torah”. On the back is an old silver chain for hanging with loops for closing and opening. Inside the aron is lined with purple velvet. Pretty work. Size: 28x18cm. Height: 28.5cm. Overall good condition.

A pointillist portrait of the Rebbe of Lubavitch, depicted wearing his tefillin and wrapped in his tallit. Ink on hard paper. Size of the paper: 37x45cm. Signed “Daniel, 11th Nissan 2021, 24.03.2021.”
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