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LOT: 152

Torat HaBayit HaAroch by the Rashba with stamps of Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Deutsch, shochet of Krestir and right-hand man of the Admor Rabbi Yeshaya of Krestir. Vienna 1811.

Stamps of Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Deutsch on the cover and introductory page. Rabbi Dietch (1882-1944 in the Shoah) was a talmid chacham, famous for his holiness and chassidut. Talmid muvhak of the Kedushat Yom Tov of Sighet. Served as the shochet of Krestir and Mishkoletz, and was the assistant of the Admor Rabbi Yeshaya of Krestir, and considered him highly. He respected him so much that he authored an entire book describing Rav Yeshaya’s whole life and the origins of his leadership in Chazal (most of the book was lost in the Shoah). There were even those who attributed to him Admorut and would ask for a kvitlach that he would pray on their behalf. For decades he was an expert shochet and many would come to study shechita with him and to receive a certification from him. The book Shem Aharon survived him, with endorsements from some sages of Hungary. He was killed in Auschwitz in sivan 1944. His son was the famous Admor Rabbi Hananya Yom Tov Lifa Deutsch (1908-1991), the Rav of Helmetz and author of the series Taharat Yom Tov. Printer: Georg Hrashansky. 122 pages. 35cm. Generally ok to good condition. Moth damage.
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