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LOT: 046

Like new Sefer Torah, on anointed parchment, given in a wonderful case—Israel, end of the 20th century

Written by hand. Eidut HaMizrach nusach, Velish writing, pretty and uniform writing throughout. Not sold as kosher. Given in a handsome case, made of dark and light woods, covered in formica printed with illustrations of the Tablets and the names of the Tribes. Around the housing are three belts of metal, gilded, with repetitive decorations of keter torahs. Two clasps for closing, handles for closing and two for hanging finials. Inside covered in velvet, the upper portion has two dedicatory inscriptions in sofer script on parchment covered in glass. Israel, 1984. | Loops for clasps and handles are missing. | 42 lines per column, height of the parchment: 49cm. Text: 35cm. Height of the housing: 70cm. Diameter: 32cm. Very good condition.
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