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LOT: 049

Sefer Torah on klaf parchment. Romania, 19/20th century. With an etzbah, breastplate, and finials

Done by a professional sofer, uniform writing throughout, wound around two carved wooden etzei hayyim. Written at the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th century. | Covered in a light blue velvet jacket, with embroidery or a keter torah and dedication. Decorated with an etzbah with filigree work and a dedication; breastplate with verses engraved, Tablets, 12 tribes, and more; pair of finials with reliefs of flowers. | Donated after WWII by the Union of Communities in Romania by Rabbi David Moshe Rosen, Rabbi of the kollel of Dat Moshe (at the Choral Synagogue in Bucharest on June 20, 1948). As part of his work with the Zionist leadership in 1964 he brought a number of Torahs to Israel in cooperation with the Joint Distribution Committee and gave them to synagogues in Israel. This sefer was donated by the Ministry for Religious Affairs and the Joint in 1967. Not sold as kosher. | Parchment is 42cm, writing is 32cm. 42 lines per column. Weight of silver: 677g. Good condition.
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