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LOT: 046

Sefer Torah on gvil parchment in a wooden case—North Africa, 19th century.

Sofer script, two types of writing, from two different scribes—the first half on white gvil, the second half on brown-light red. Underwent corrections over the years on around 3 columns. Given in a wooden case, with decorations made from cutting work. Dedication on a silver plaque: “In memory of Hai Agiv.” Rimonimmade of metal with cutting work, Stars of David, and dedication: “in memory of Daniel Lecsalasi.” Cloth robe with colorful embroidery made in a later period. Height of the parchment: 46cm. Height of the finials: 33cm. Height of the case: 70cm. Diameter of the case: 37cm. Total height: 96cm. Not sold as kosher, generally good condition.
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