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LOT: 251

Book of Psalms, Diglei Hodaya and Mitzvah v’Seder Ma’amadot Yerushalayim – Jozefof, 1875. Segula book! Rare cover.

By Rabbi Yehdua Yudel Landau of Jerusalem. 2 covers, the first in red letters (the Bibliography Institute notes that they did not ever see the first of the two covers). At the end are ma’amadot by the Rav of Aphtha (additional cover). Endorsements from Ashkenazi and Sfardi rabbis in Israel, Turkey, and Poland. Among them the Admor Rabbi David of Telna blessing the purchasers for a segula, and the Admor Rabbi Avraham the Maggid of Trisk. [2], 3-233 pages, [1] 2-90 pages. 22cm. New binding. Light moth marks on a number of pages. Generally good condition.
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