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LOT: 001

‘Sha’arei Tzion’ with ‘Tikun Seuda’ and ‘Sefer Yitzira,’ Slavita 1850

Sha’arei Tzion, with the ta’amim (reasons) for verses from the Bible, compiled by the Kabbalist HaRav Elohei KeMehorar Natan Nata son of the Holy Moharar Moshe Hanover zt”l, hy”d, Ashkenazi, student of HaRav Moharar Haim Vietal Zl”ah great student of the Rav Moharar Yitzhak Luria. With additions ‘Tikun Seudah’ and ‘Sefer Yitzira.’ Printed by Moshe Hirsch Shreiver. Water marks, wear, moth damage.
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