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The handwritten signature of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalisher on the book Shu”t Harema MiPano – first edition, Dyhrenfurth, 1788

A book of responsa and “explanation of deep mishnayot and Talmudic topics…” the Rema MiPano with a clear ownership signature: Zvi Hirsch son of Shlomo Kalisher of Lisa. In the printing press of Yechiel Michel Maya of Breslau, [2], 84 leaves. Slight stains, slight restoration on some of the leaves. Good general condition. Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalisher (1795-1875), one of the foremost disciples of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, he was a tremendous genius in both the hidden and revealed disciplines of the Torah and even extensively studied Jewish philosophy. At the age of 29 he was appointed as rabbi of the city of Toron in west Prussia, a position he remained in until the end of his life. In addition, he longed to return to the Land of Israel, as can be seen by his series of books named ‘Drishat Zion’ that deal with the law of settling the Land of Israel and the mitzvot special to the Land of Israel and the sacrifices. Despite his tremendous longing to be buried in the Land of Israel he did not merit to be buried there, and he was buried in Toron at the age of 79.
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