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LOT: 012

“Shevet Mussar” Jerusalem 1863.

Chapters of mussar by the Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu HaKohen of Izmir; at the beginning of the first section are 2 cover pages, an abbreviated one and a detailed one. Printed by Yehiel Bril, Michal HaKohen and Yoel Moshe Baharam [Salomon]. On the other side of the first cover page is an engraving of a stag and the writing “A stag [tzvi] she is for all nations.” The second section has a special cover page, with a drawing of a printing press and the writing “with praise, a new printing in Zion is ready.” On the other side are endorsements from sages of Jerusalem. (2) 130 page. (S. HaLevi 85). First cover page has defect, pages are loose. Generally good condition, a few bits of moth damage.
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