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LOT: 049

“Ruach Khen” Yesnitz 1744, very rare. Handwritten lists and signatures of many rabbis.

By the sage and philosopher Rabbi Yehuda Even Tavun on Moreh Nevuchim, explanation of the strange words and names that philosophers used in it that normal people are unfamiliar with. Rare. (1) 32 page, 17cm (Winograd Yesnitz 51). On the page before the title “Shir Yedidut” in Ashkenazi handwriting from 1852. Signed Yehuda Leib HaCohen, of the community of Stavilin in Greater Poland. On the title page are old signatures, handwritten, amongst which are “Azarya ben Cohen Yosef Hess,” “Natan bar Moshe Yehiel…” At the end of the volume are a number of white pages with writing on divrei Torah, in block lettering, from 1868. Additional signature “Shlomo bar Yitzhak Haim z”l” Decorated title page in an architectural framework. Binding and pages loose, stains and wear.
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