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“Rosh Yosef” to Rav Yosef Ishkafa, Av Beit Din of Izmir. Izmir 1659, only edition—very scarce copies.

Second section. Only edition, a thick tome on the Choshen Mishpat, 214 pages. 28cm. With sign of the printer on the title page. On the four Turim and Beit Yosef, first section, on the Orech Haim, includes the laws of Ta’aniyot and special days, second section before us is on the Choshen Mishpat. The first volume of the book was the first composition printed at the first Hebrew printer in Izmir, by the printer Avraham ben Yedida Gabbai. The compiler, Gaon Rabbi Yosef Ishkafa, one of the sages of Izmir, was the first rabbi of the Saloniki Jews in Izmir, he was also the primary rabbi of Shabtai Tzvi. The Rav Yaakov Shasportch writes in his book that when he saw the deeds of Shabtai Tzvi, he excommunicated him and declared that he would cause the masses to sin in pursuing a new belief, something which proved prophetic (False Messiahs and their Opponents, p. 134). Amongst the pages of the book are a number of stamps of ownership of the Gaon HaRav David HaCohen Sekli, one of the rabbis of Waran, in Morocco, compiler of the book “Kiryat Channah David,” two sections. Rare and scarce book these days. Especially thick pages, most of the book is in excellent condition, except for a few bits of moth damage o nthe first and last pages.
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