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LOT: 031

“Tzemach David” Salonika, 1811, only edition, rare.

Second section, drashot on Numbers – Deuteronomy, at the end are separate issues and general topics of Talmud. From the Gaon Rabbi Yosef David, the rabbi of Saloniki, composer of the book of questions and answers “Beit David,” and more. Only edition. One of the rare Saloniki books. (1) 141 29 page. The compiler, Gaon HaRav Yosef David: 1660-1742, HaHida writes in his book Shem HaGedolim “Rabbi Yosef David, Av Beit Din in the community of Saloniki—he is holy, and we have heard of his holiness and his seclusion…” In another place he writes of him “the greatest of teachers, Rav Nihu HaRav HaGadol Maharar, Yosef David in his book Beit David.” From the questions asked in the text we learn the extent of his fame throughout the world. Generally good condition, moth damage on a few lone pages. Original binding.
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