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. Sefer Pilpul on issues related to time and calculating times, against Christianity—first edition, London 1908.

“Attributed to Rabbi Yonah Rofeh”, a very old and learned work against Christianity and the New Testament. The work is a parody inspired by the Pesach Haggadah: the author sprinkled the work with motifs from the Seder throughout, and using poems and piyyutim pokes fun at Avodah Zara, with a timeline of Christianity’s first appearance and development. This work was written originally in Italian and is very ancient, appearing in manuscript form by 1380, but this edition is the first printing. It was published by Gershon ben Yosef Bilasco of Ramsgate, England, based on the Montefiore manuscript #454. Introduction in English, and illustration of the manuscript’s title page. [5], 83 pages. Printed binding, stains, generally good condition.
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