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Book Evron Zlakwa - 1746. With the signing copy Rabbi Yosef Zundel Sallent

Book Evron matters of Jewish calendar Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob swinger Zlakwa - 1746. Copy of Rabbi Yosef Zundel Sallent blessed memory. With his signature at the gate. Rabbi Zundel Salant (1786-1865), was the father in law of Rabbi Shmuel Salant and student of Rabbi Chaim Volozin. Was the founder of morality and teacher of Rabbi Israel Salant wrote about a "trial was carefully learning the principles he actually consumed, the study of Talmud, Beit Yosef" last all carefully. And the largest study Gra Note late. And when she learned section table is set. .. was painting in front of him as the law before it actually came. And see and well researched stood trial until judgment was. And then questioned many times that they were holding for granted. and any Bible study, Talmud, Midrash and glow foundation to seek knowledge of the act. "son in law Rabbi Shmuel Salant wrote. "As a grown size - so its size in the Torah, and like most of his knowledge revealed, it was his knowledge hidden. Torah generation was as large size, but big and wonderful his humility he was able to conceal the greatness of people "end of his life he taught teaching of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem.
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