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LOT: 002

Sefer “Tikun Lel Shavuot and Hosha’ana Rabba”. Zhitomir 1866

Sefer “Tikun Lel Shavuot and Hosha’ana Rabba” according to the order which appears in the book Shnei Luchot HaBrit, and kavanot of the Names by the Ari, may his memory carry into the next world, with a couple of Ma’alot and meticulous proofreading. Published by Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Slavita Rabbi. 1866. 168 pages, 20 “cm. Two cover pages, Original binding. A minor professional restoration on the first cover page. Stains. Overall very good condition.
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