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Sefer "Netivot Lashavet" Baal Hahaflaa, Levov 1838 with sheelot vitshuvot "Givat Pinchas", Levov 1838, First Edition.

Two Sfarim of Harav Pinchas Halevi Horowitz( Baal Hahaflaa) first editions in one vollume: 1.Sefer" Netivot Lashavet" chidushim on Shulchan Aruch Even Haeezer until siman chaf gimmel, Levov 1884 first edition. 2. 48 daf with haskamot Hachatam Sofer and The Yeshuot yaakov. 3. Sheelot Vetshuvot "Givat Pinchas", Levov 1884, first edition, 48 daf. 2 books in one vollume with no binding, Moth damage on a few pages.
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