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. SeferHaNitzachon—first edition. Altdorf, 1644. Bound together with another two books and a theological debate. Many notes. Extremely rare.

Liber Nizachon Rabbi Lipmanni, the Book of Victory, answers to Christian claims against Judaism, “for victory against the Sadducees and Christians, forever pondering and mocking, printed here in the Altdorf yeshiva with great interest.” Before us is a complete copy, with two sections: Hebrew and Latin. Two covers, the first is illustrated, made with a wonderful engraving with three levels, telling the history of the world in 6000 years. The second cover is in Latin. Introduction in Latin. By Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Milhausen (also called Tavyomi, died in 1440), a rabbi and posek halacha in Prague and at the end of his life in Erfurt. Philosopher and a polemicist against Christianity. In Elul 1399, a Christian plot was stirred against the Jews of Prague. Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman was forced to carry out a public debate against a converted Jew named Peter. The rabbi won the debate, but in Elul of the year after the debate 80 Jews from Prague were taken out and murdered. The book before us is a history of the debate with that convert. The many glosses in the book are from the period printing, with signatures of ownership. Preserved leather binding with rings. Remains of fasteners. Page cuttings in gold with artistic engravings. | [8], 512, [32]; [12], 312; [4], 377, [12] page. 20cm. Generally very good condition.
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