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LOT: 214

Noam Elimelech with a dedication from the Admor Rabbi Yoel of Shatz. Tarnow 1904.

Noam Elimelech by the holy Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk. Important endorsements by the Divrei Yehezkel of Sinoa and Rabbi Shmuel of Peshversk and Rabbi Elazar of Luzhansk, plus the Toldot Yaakov Yaakov, and more. At the end is Likkutei Shoshana and Igeret HaKodesh. [4], 109 pages, [3]. Repairs to the cover and the endorsements, no damage to text. Tape on the cover and back which blur the text a little. Stains, new binding, generally good condition. The back of the binding has a dedication: “This drasha for the groom Dov Sternbuch (see below). Son of Asher Sternbuch, for the day of his wedding. 5th of Adar II, 1948. London. Yoel Moskowitz.” The Admor Rabbi Yoel Moskowitz, son of the Admor Rabbi Meir of Shatz and grandson of the Admor Rabbi Yoel the First—founder of the dynasty—was the son-in-law and cousin of the Admor Rabbi Shalom of Shatz, London. Served in Manchester, Montreal, London, and Jerusalem. Died in 1980. Never led a whole Hassidic group—in London and Montreal he was a synagogue rabbi and a teacher to his community, but his followers treated him like an Admor and he dressed like one. He was known as a great researcher and he studied closely many writings of Chazal whose origins were unknown (see what the Gaon Rabbi Yitzhak Yeshayahu Weiss has to say about him—Yeshurun, vol. 21, p. 756). The receiver, Rabbi Dov Sternbuch of Gateshead and Bnei Brak was the son of Rabbi Asher of London, a descendent of the Gra. He was a huge talmid chacham who knew the Shas by heart. He was close with many sages, and was a student of the Gra”a Dessler. He had a special relationship with Maran Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, who forbid him from asking those at his beit midrash not to stand in his honor. He was brother of the Ra’avad of Antwerp, Rabbi Eliyahu Sternbuch, and the Ra’avad of the Charedi community, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch. Died in 1990 when he was on his way to Minchah, aged 96.
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