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LOT: 029

Nidchei Yisrael by the Chafetz Haim, printed during the author’s lifetime. Warsaw 1897

Designed for those living in area where life as a religious Jew is difficult. By the Chafetz Haim, who, as is known, was involved in the printing and distribution of his books. This edition was printed during his lifetime and by him, and it is definitely possible that this exact copy was held by him himself. The pages are divided into two sections, the upper portion in Hebrew and the lower in Yiddish, including the cover page. | During the time of the Chafetz Haim, there was a mandatory draft, and yeshiva boys would come to him to ask for a bracha to be released from the draft. If he gave them a bracha in a certain way, then they knew they would be saved from the draft, but if he gave them a copy of this book, then they knew they would be drafted and there was no way to escape it. | Original binding covered in cloth. Wear on the binding. Moth holes, stamps. | 147 pages. 23cm. Generally good condition.
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