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Ma’aseh Choshev, first edition, Venice 1716.

On the work in the Mishkan, according to mysticism. First book printed during the life of the author, the kabbalist Rabbi Emmanuel Hai Riki (1688-1743), one of the greatest kabbalists and a disseminator of the school of the Arizal, known mainly for his book Mishnat Chassidim, considered one of the foundational texts in the study of kabbalah. In his youth he studied in Trieste, Italy. In order to make the story of the Mishkan palpable for his students, he created a model out of cardboard of the Mishkan and its tools. Following this, he wrote his book Ma’aseh Choshev, to expound upon the work of the Mishkan. The author corrected his manuscript many times, so it was called Mahadura Batra. At the start of the book is a commentary by the author on the signs of the Seder Pesach. 36 pages. 21cm. New, handsome binding. Much moth damage with damage to text. Much moisture stains. Generally ok to good condition. Signature of ownership: “David Abu.”
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