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LOT: 004

In a rare state of completeness and beauty! The book Magen David (Tolna) – Chassidut, first edition, Zhitomir, 1852

The book Magen David, on the Torah and festivals with a chassidic approach by the Rebbe Rabbi David of Tolna, first edition that was printed during the author’s lifetime – in the printing press of the Shapiro brothers, Zhitomir, 1852. Two title pages, one in red ink. Hand-colored illustrations, apparently from the time of printing. 120 leaves. Complete and nice copy, apart from slight stains and a small number of worming holes, very good general condition. This book of Chassidut is considered to be a segulah because in the third edition, which was also printed in the author’s lifetime, there is a special blessing written by the author to the publisher in which he writes: And I say that any wise man who buys this book and studies it, I hope that it will be a medicine for his body and soul in spirituality and physicality in this world and the next, and that he will have temporary and eternal successes (See Moreshet auction 25 item 114). Handwritten ownership inscriptions: “Mordechai Moshe HaKohen Karfman, Jerusalem”, “Alter Simcha HaKohen Rapiport”, “Belongs to the noble rabbi Yisrael Yitzchak… [?]” and other inscriptions not examined in depth. The Rebbe David Twersky of Tolna, son of Rabbiu Mordechai the maggid of Chernobyl (1898-1982). He was the grandson of Rabbi David Leikes, a disciple of the Ba’al Shem Tov, and was named after him. He married Rebbetzin Yenta Devorah, the granddaughter of Rabbi Zusha of Hanipol and Rabbi Wolf of Tcherna-Ostrog. A while after his father died in 1937 he began to serve as a rebbe in Wasilkow next to Kiev. After moving to Tolna his court grew and thousands of disciples starting flooding to him. Rabbi David, like his father before him, used to travel from village to village to encourage the masses. During his travels he visited Odessa twice. Odessa was a city of followers of the Enlightenment. Chassidic tradition relates that his visits there caused many followers of the Enlightenment to become firm believers.
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