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Meginei Aretz, Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim—Johannesburg, 1862. First edition with the glosses by Rabbi Akiva Igger. Glossed. Stamp

Section 2 (Orech Hayyim). Two covers. Printed by Rabbi Itzik Leib Igger, son of Rabbi Akiva Igger. Printed by George Stein. Stamp of ownership of “Yisrael Vishnik of Kaminitz.” Many long, learned glosses handwritten, that have never been printed, by Rav Yisrael bar Yosef Yozel Vishnik, Av Beit Din of Kaminitz. When he was 20 he authored “Sefer Bechi u’Misped” (Vilna, 1868), a eulogy in memory of Rabbi Shmuel Avigdor Tosafa, Av Beit Din of Karlin, his uncle Alexander Sender ben Yisrael of Sharshov, and Rabbi Avraham Dover, Av Beit Din of Kaminitz. | Original leather binding, which is falling apart. Moth damage. | 217, [1] page. 40cm. Bad to ok condition.
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