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Likkutei Moshe Yaakov, stencil edition. By the mystical tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov, the “Sandlar.” Copy 1 of 100. Tel Aviv, 1969.

Book of the holy kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov, known as the Holy Sandlar. Book printed from chapter headings written by the Rav to himself as a preparation for drashot that he gave on shabbat. The internal binding says “published in 100 copies which are legally like manuscripts and for whom the rights are retained by Yosef Revikov.” The pages are doubled. Picture of the author is glued to the introductory page. Published by his son, the author and translator Rabbi Yosef Revikov. | Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Revikov (1873-1967) studied kabbalah under the Leshem Shebo v’Achelma. Rabbi Aryeh Levin testified that he heard from Rav Kook that Rabbi Yaakov was without a doubt one of the 36 tzaddikim. After the Chazon Ish encouraged him to publicize himself, he became better known, and many travelled to receive blessings from him. | Soft binding, bound by hand. [2], 460 pages, 32.5cm. Generally good condition.
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