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Lechem Setarim: The copy of Rabbi Arieh Leib Ish Horowitz author of Harei Besamim – Strasburg, 1777, the first book printed in the city’s Hebrew printing press

The book Lechem Setarim, on the tractate of Avodah Zara by Rabbi Shlomo son of Avraham Elgazi. The approbation of the Noda B’Yehuda and other approbations were added to this edition – Strasburg, 1777. Ownership signature: Bought with my money, the young one A.K. of Mirano. Ownership stamp: Arieh Leibush HaLevi Ish Horowitz av beit din of Stry and the environs. [4], 115 leaves. 14 leaves. Stains, good general condition. The book before us is the first Jewish book printed in the Hebrew printing press that existed for a short time in Strasburg, apart from the Bibles printed in the city in the 17th century by gentiles. Rabbi Arieh Leibush HaLevi Ish Horowitz (1847-1909), one of the foremost rabbis and halachic adjudicators in Galicia. Became famous thanks to his book Harei Besamim. He served as the rabbi of Stanislav, a position that was passed down the family for several generations from father to son. He was ordained as a rabbi by the leading rabbis of the generation, Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson and the Divrei Chaim of Sanz. The stamp in this copy is from the period when he was rabbi of Stry, as appears in the text, before he was selected to succeed his father in Stanislav.
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