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Knafei Yona by the Rama of Pano, first edition Koritz 1786, partially missing copy with signature of ownership of Rabbi Binyamin Niederhopheim of Frankfurt

Kabbalah by Rabbi Menachem Azarya (the Rama) of Pano, a sage of Italy in the 17th century. Kavanot of prayer and guidelines of kabbalah according to the Arizal and his students. The foundation of this book is a collection of writings from students of the Ari edited by the Rama. Endorsements (missing in this copy) by Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev and rabbis of Ostraha—first edition, Koritz 1786. Signature of ownership of Binyamin Hirsch Niederhop[heim]. 9-12, 17-62, 1-40 pages (original: [1], 62, 40 pages). No binding. Tears on a number of pages. 2 pages disconnected. Stains, some moth holes. Otherwise good condition. Rabbi Binyamin Niederhopheim (1810-1885) was an expert mohel who performed more than 7,000 circumcisions! He was a merchant and talmid chacham, an important member of the Frankfurt-am-Mein community during the time of Rashar Hirsch. He continued the “minyan” of Rabbeinu Natan Alter (rabbi of the Chatam Sofer), which he founded to pray according to the Sefardi nusach, which had passed first to his student Rabbi Leib Amrich and then to Rabbi Binyamin, who was the son-in-law of the son-in-law of Rabbi Leib (Rabbi Be’er Danan). It existed until the Shoah and was called the “Niederhopheimische Shul.” He had a large private library with rare manuscripts. He wrote the “Dinei Mila” (see in the book HaBrit by Rabbi Moshe Brik).
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